About Rooyesh Holding

Rooyesh company has been started its activities in 1988 in gardening projects. Rooyeh company has been selected as contractor of Ministry of Agriculture for production of sapling, seed plants and some verities of herbal plants. This company was successful to produce its productions with the highest quality and international standards. Rooyesh company is a leading company for production of herbal plants, too we have experience for cultivation different kinds of herbal plants in different parts of Iran. Therefore, this company has been chosen as the best producer of herbal plants (national pattern) in Iran in 2005 - 2006. Another activity of this company

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Rooyesh Holding

Also we are pioneer and progressive in production of herbal plants with a high level of experience for planting of all kinds of medicinal plants in different parts of Iran. Furthermore, we have been chosen as the best producer (national sample) in 2005-2006

Another activity of our company is establishing and equipmenting of modern glass greenhouse which works according to artificial Intelligence with using of hydroponic system and power plants. We produce cut flowers, summer crops and vegetables, too.